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What will Brexit mean for UK expats in the EU?

Posted on by britannia_sandersteads

Over a million UK expats are thought to be living abroad in EU countries. On the 29th March 2017 Britain triggered Article 50, the official process for leaving the EU, and now the country has two years to negotiate its exit. However, since Article 50 has never been triggered before, … [Read more »]

Effect of Brexit on international removals companies

Posted on by britannia_sandersteads

The impact of Brexit is already being felt in many industries, and the international removals industry is no exception. Though the consequences of Brexit are ultimately uncertain and difficult to predict, some guesses can be made regarding its potential effects. Already the removals industry has felt positive and negative impacts … [Read more »]

Moving to Australia from the UK

Posted on by britannia_sandersteads

With Brexit just around the corner, many Brits are now considering moving to new pastures. Australia has long been the most popular destination for Brits looking to start a new life overseas, and in 2013 around 43,000 Brits migrated down under. Economic difficulties caused a brief dip in Australia’s popularity … [Read more »]

Minimalist Living = Minimalist Removals

Posted on by britannia_sandersteads

What is minimalism?

Minimalism is a style prominent in the arts, visual design and music that focuses on a stripped-back, pared down design.

Origin of minimalism in art

It would be several decades before the movement really started to gain prominence, but the seeds of minimalism were planted with the monochrome paintings of … [Read more »]

DIY Removals vs Hiring a Removals Company

Posted on by britannia_sandersteads

When moving house, it is tempting to try and save money at every opportunity but when it comes to removals, is moving everything yourself a real money saver or a false economy? In this blog, we investigate the real pros and cons for moving yourself and whether hiring a removals … [Read more »]

Moving to Germany

Posted on by britannia_sandersteads

Moving overseas requires a lot of preparation and organisation, more so than moving to a different place in the same country. As well as choosing where you want to live and purchasing/renting property in your chosen destination, there is a lot more administrative work required to help your move go … [Read more »]

Can you move your garden when you move house?

Posted on by britannia_sandersteads

If you are a keen gardener who has invested a lot of time and energy into your own little green paradise, the idea of moving house and leaving it all behind may well feel heartbreaking. What are your rights in regards to taking your favourite plants with you when you … [Read more »]

Tips for moving to a new city

Posted on by britannia_sandersteads

Moving to a new city is exciting but it is also a huge undertaking and can be very scary and stressful, particularly if you are a student who is leaving home for the first time.

You might be moving with your partner, with a group of friends, as a family, or … [Read more »]

Secrets of the Piano Movers

Posted on by britannia_sandersteads

When moving home, it goes without saying that all of your possessions need to be transported carefully and safely to avoid any damage. However, there are certain items that require an extra degree of care, or specialist practices to keep them in pristine condition while they travel between homes, and … [Read more »]

Why should I opt for excess baggage shipping?

Posted on by britannia_sandersteads

When it comes to moving abroad, a lot of people don’t realise that you can ship your luggage across separately, and at a lower cost too.

Many airlines have confusing and sometimes misleading policies for excess luggage. These policies are inconsistent, differing from airline to airline. For instance British Airways (BA) … [Read more »]